Thursday, 10 July 2014

JustFab Semi-Annual Sale Purchases

I mentioned a few weeks back about JustFab's Semi-Annual Sale and how I just couldn't resist picking up two new pairs of boots. I was really hoping these would show up before I went away on vacation, but of course they didn't. Anyways, I was pretty excited when I came home to this box. My shoe addiction isn't nearly as bad as it once was, but new shoes still make me happy!
These boots are both still available on their website for $39.95 each plus $6.95 shipping to Canada, but I purchased them during a 2 for $39.95 sale.

First look inside the giant box :) 

Aquarius - please ignore the mess in the background! Eeek. Anyways, these boots are adorable!

I LOVE the floral on the inside, it gives such a cute, girly touch to these ass-kicking boots. (Ha, don't worry, I would never be able to actually kick anyone's ass, I'm way too much of a wimp for that).

If you don't like the floral, you can roll the boots up for more of a mid-height boot. I also loved that the zipper was up the back of the boot instead of the side, and it was such a pretty blue colour!

Florelle - Adorable chocolate brown ankle booties! They immediately make me think "hipster", but I've been called that so many times over the past few years that I'm pretty sure they are perfect for me!

I fell in love with the floral side of these, they are so different! I love the summer, but I need cooler weather to come back for a few days just so I can wear these!

If you are interested in learning more or joining JustFab, feel free to use this LINK.


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