Friday, 4 July 2014

Forever 21 Accessories Haul

I've never been a huge fan of expensive jewelry, if I'm wearing any it's usually from either eBay or Forever 21. I hit up the latter a few days before I went to the Maritimes and just wanted to share all my finds!

The full collection of what I bought that day... I think it cost a little over $60 in total 

I loved these, and picked them up for a younger cousin.
Cost: $10.80
The pink in these earrings matched the pink stones in the gold bangles above, so these were included in a little gift for my cousin. She must have liked it, I saw her wearing these at least twice while I was visiting New Brunswick...
Cost: $5.80

I also included a pearl headband with my cousin's stuff. Again, the pearls in the headband tied in perfectly with the pearls on the bracelet!

These were so freaking cute, I had to buy them in all three colours. The mint green owl is the lip gloss I kept for myself (it was mint scented). The pink one smelled like watermelon, and was included in another cousin's graduation gift (it matched her colour scheme for her dorm room). The blue one was coconut, and I gifted that to a friend from high school who just had a baby a few months back (new mommies deserve presents too!)
Cost: $4.80

The most commonly worn piece of jewelry for me are earrings. I added quite a few new pairs to my collection that day...The fruit ones will probably never be worn as a pair (The day after I bought these I had a grape in one ear and a banana in the other).
Black/white bow tie earrings: $1.80
Silver cat face earrings: $1.80
5 pairs Fruit earrings: $5.80
White/Mint/Pink half hoop earrings: $5.80
New hair things! Pearl headbands, bow clips and hair ties.
Pearl headbands: $3.80/each
5 pack hair ties: $3.80
3 pack bow clips: $4.80

I've been back in Alberta since last Sunday night, but this is the first time I've even turned on my laptop. I have lots of posts coming your way! Check back in the next few days for reviews of all the June subscription boxes I received!


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