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Memebox Jackpot Box

Memebox isn't really a monthly subscription box, but I'm going to be posting about all of the ones I receive. It is a Korean-based beauty product box, and you can order as often as you'd like. Each box is themed (this week they released Tinkerbell, Little Mermaid and Cinderella boxes). When you purchase, it will tell you when that particular box will begin shipping, and you're usually in for a bit of a wait. Boxes also sell out fairly quickly, so don't hesitate! I ordered boxes last week that won't be showing up until the first week of November, but they're already sold out when I checked again today. The wait seems to be worth it though! My first Memebox box was fantastic!

For my first Memebox, I decided to try the Jackpot Box. This particular box cost $32.99 plus $6.99 for shipping (but I used a code that was out at the time to cut my shipping cost in half). One lucky person who purchased this ended up with $1000 worth of products (sadly, that person was not me). Here's how it broke down:

1. 1st Place - 1 lucky winner will take home a box valued at $1000
2. 2nd Place -15 lucky winners will win a box valued at $579
3. 3rd Place - 30  luckywinners will win a box valued at $371
4. 4th Place - 50 lucky winners will win a box valued at $289
5. 5th Place - 70 lucky winners will win a box valued at $201
6. 6th Place - 90 lucky winners will win a box valued at $179
7. 7th Place - 60 lucky winners will win a box valued at $175
8. 8th Place - 70 lucky winners will win a box valued at $165
9. 9th Place - 60 lucky winners will win a box valued at $155

I ended up with a 7th place box, which you can see below. Jackpot boxes sold out the same day they went on sale.

This was shipped on September 2nd from Korea, and was delivered to me in Edmonton on September 10th. I was so impressed with the delivery time, seeing as it had quite a distance to travel.

The giant envelope it shipped in has their logo and was a hot pink colour.

The box is so nice! It's very sturdy and will be great to send in the mail filled with Christmas presents to family!

First look! Before this, I had no idea what box I was receiving (I just knew it wasn't the first place box based on the size)

RIRE Lip Manicure - Pink Pink (3.7g - full size)
Value: $15
When I saw this on the Memebox website, I thought it was nail polish. Even after I took it out of the box, it wasn't until I twisted the cap off that I realized it was lipstick! It's a much brighter pink than it appears in the picture, very pigmented, and it stains (I put a bit on the back of my hand to test out the colour, and scrubbing it with normal soap and water wouldn't take it completely off, I had to use makeup remover). A little bit goes a long way, and it is very easy to apply. 

Abelle - So Hot-Burning Concentrate Ampoule - 20mL
Value: $24
This stuff is expensive! According to the Memebox website, you towel dry your hair after shampooing and apply this evenly throughout your hair. Place a plastic cap over your head and leave it on for 5-15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. It supposedly warms up by itself and absorbs deeply into your hair, to strengthen and give your hair a natural shine. I haven't tried this yet, I'm a little bit particular about what goes into my hair (for the past few months I have only used solid shampoo from Lush...)

Hair+ - Velvet Nutri-Injection - 12mL
Value: $5
"For all those damaged hairs out there, the Velvet Nutri-Injection is here to save the day! There's absolutely no need to rinse out after application. Simply apply it throughout your hair, especially the damaged ends, after towel drying and experience results of a hair clinic program". I do like that you can just leave this in (the one above seems like a bother to have to wait 15 minutes). I might try this on the ends of my hair...

Cotterang Aesthetic Reparative K-Cream - 20g
Value: $43
"A facial cream for soothing and nourishing stimulated skin. Its soothing formula works to hydrate and calm reddened, sensitive skin by creating a protective layer on top and also by instigating skin regeneration." I've been using this fairly regularly since receiving this box. I can't say I really notice a difference, but it is definitely very moisturizing! I only put it on at night since it is a little bit sticky.

Ramosu Carestory Collagen Extract - 10mL
Value: $36
"Infused with over 17 different amino acids, this 100% concentrated Collagen Ampoule will deliver intense hydration and facilitate cell regeneration for more supple and firmed up baby-skin. Also, it doesn’t smell or feel sticky like your average collagen products, and instead it glides onto the skin refreshingly. Experience the wonders of the real Collagen Ampoule currently being used in Korean aesthetic beauty salons!"
I haven't tried this out yet either, but I'm definitely interested!

3W CLINIC Collagen Make-up Base - 50ml 
Value: $30"This silicon type Collagen Make-up Base contains blemish-control powder components for matting out and preparing the skin condition before foundation application. The high level of adherence and long-lasting formula helps maintain your makeup silky smooth all day long."
This feels much thicker than primers that I'm used to, and a little bit goes a long way! I love using primers under my foundation (the 1-2 times each week that I wear foundation haha) so this is very welcome, and will be used up!

SULLOC Water+ - 3 packets, 2.6g each
Value: $6
"The Sulloc Water+ contains 180mg of catechins which are potent antioxidants most active in green tea, 2.5mg of pantothenic acid, and an antioxidant level equivalent to 12 full tomatoes. Feel lighter, younger, and more vital with what Water+ has to offer!"
This reminds me of Crystal Light packets, so I am excited to try these out! The price seems crazy though - $2/packet? The box says to drink 3/day!!

I'm familiar with Lemon-Lime and Cherry flavours, but I have no idea what "Happy Sweet" is going to taste like...

KANG SKIN Rejuvenating Cream - 50ml 
Value: $72"Enriched with adenosine, ceramide and snail mucus extracts, this Rejuvenating Cream is highly effective wrinkle care product. By deeply hydrating and nourishing the skin, it improves the skin elasticity and minimize stress-instigated aging of the skin."
Moisturizer is one of the few things I use every single day, so this will absolutely be used up! It goes on so nice, and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. I also love the jar this comes in!

The Memebox I ended up receiving was worth $179, and I only paid $32.99 + $3.50 for shipping! Such a great value! I know every box won't be worth that much, but I'm so excited about this one! I've already ordered a few more from Memebox, and I can't wait to see what I receive. I enjoy that all of the brands included in Memebox are new to me, and that the main focus is on skincare. I'll be sure to share all of my upcoming Memeboxes with you as well :)


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