Thursday, 18 September 2014

Lip Factory August 2014

I'm very delayed in getting this box posted to my blog, but it's time to get caught up (September boxes have begun arriving, so no more excuses!)

Cost: $22/month to the US
          $26/month to Canada

 Sealed with a kiss sticker.

First look at all the products.

Medusa's Makeup Stick It Eye Primer - A vegan primer for eye dust and eye shadow, can be used on all skin tones.
Value: $8
This will end up in the swap/gift pile just because I don't wear eye shadow very often. 

Red Cherry False Eyelashes #16Made of 100% Human Hair
Value: $3.50
Another item for the swap/gift pile, simply because I don't go anywhere that I could pull off false eyelashes...

LASplash Mineral Blush - #22028 Beach Party
Value: $14.98
I couldn't find this exact colour on the website, so I don't know if it has been discontinued? I love blush (and I love my Mac blush) but I think I'll keep this one and try it out :)

Value: $6.99
Another item for the swap/gift pile. I haven't tried this one, it just looks like it has way too much glitter for me.

Cult Nails - Nail Lacquer in Devious Nature
Value: $12
I own so many nail polishes, but I love trying new brands!

Value: $10
Lip Factory sent out a message letting us know that they received their shipment of lipsticks from Pink Powder without their logo on the packaging, but it is brand new and an unreleased colour. 

This is a very gorgeous pink, definitely one I'm glad to add to my collection :)

I was a little disappointed that this month only included 2 lip products (one of which I won't be keeping). Actually, I'm only keeping half of the August box, which is much fewer than last month. The value I calculated was $55.50, which is still more than double the cost of the box itself, so that is always a plus! I also can't complain about the size of anything, as far as I can tell everything was full size. I'll keep this subscription around for a few more months, hopefully my September box will be back to the fantastic standards I've got used to over the past few months.

If you are interested in signing up, check out their website HERE and use referral code 386883.


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