Thursday, 28 August 2014

Thursday Thoughts

So, I decided I would link-up with one of my favourite bloggers today and join her for Thursday Thoughts. Check out Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom, her blog is FANTASTIC! If you click on the picture above, it should take you right to her site.

Now, on to my thoughts today...

- I can't believe it's almost Labour Day weekend. For the fourth year in a row, Labour Day weekend means Sonicboom Festival for me! L's sister is flying in tonight and will be attending the three day music festival with us as well.

- Did you click on the link for Sonicboom? Did you look at that lineup? So amazing this year! I can't wait to see Artic Monkeys, Jack White, MS MR, July Talk, Foster the People and Mounties for the first time! I'll be seeing Death Cab, Fitz and the Tantrums, Cage the Elephant and Tegan and Sara for the second time, and it will be my fourth time seeing Serena Ryder! Great job to all the people at Union Events/Sonic 102.9 for organizing such a great festival!

- This past weekend was supposed to be my first quiet weekend all summer, but it ended up being just as busy as any other one. L went to the Eskimos game with a friend, while I ran to the mall to return some online purchases and get a little shopping in, we met up with some friends for supper, L ran a 5km as part of the Edmonton Marathon weekend, and we walked around the fringe and caught an improv show. Weekends go by way too quickly!

- This entire week was supposed to be slow, giving us lots of time to get the house cleaned before L's sister flew in, but we ended up going for Indian buffet with a friend Monday night, and then out for supper on Tuesday night with another friend who was moving to BC. So that left us scrambling last night to clean, but we got it all finished!

- I'm probably one of the few people who is actually excited that the weather is cooling off. I love the fall, it allows me to wear layers and sweaters and boots. It also means the cats get even more cuddly - although I know they're just using me for my body heat.

- I'm falling farther and farther behind on my subscription box reviews, I currently have Topbox, Lip Monthly, Spicy Subscriptions and Tea Sparrow to blog about (and I should be receiving my August Lip Factory very shortly as well). This extra time is allowing me to actually try out a bunch of the products though!

- I did end up buying two different Memeboxes last week. I managed to scoop up one of the Jackpot boxes that cost $32 but guaranteed a value of at least $155 before they sold out and the Thumbs Up Box (which will begin shipping on September 16th). I'll find out next week the exact value of my Jackpot Box, I believe they had less than 500 of them, and one lucky person is going to win a box valued at $1000! I can't wait to see the products I receive, be sure to check back to see my reviews!

- I have a few of the other girls at work hooked on subscription boxes now. I'm such a bad influence haha.

That's all I have for today! I probably won't have much time for posting until Monday (if I don't end up going in to work that day), so have a great weekend! Check out my Instagram for a few pictures from Sonicboom!


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  1. I think its a running trend in all the Thursday Thoughts this week that noone knows where August went. It is just gone. I'm in NC and we are having a heat wave right now. :( It had been so nice here and now its humid and hot again. Ugh I'm ready for real fall weather but I have a couple months until then.