Saturday, 23 August 2014

Lip Factory - July 2014 Review

I briefly mentioned in an earlier post about a mix-up with my PayPal account (which I use to pay for my Lip Factory and Tea Sparrow boxes), so I didn't receive my July Lip Factory box until well into August. It was worth the wait though, this box was fantastic!

July was their second anniversary, so that could explain why this box was so great?

Their boxes come sealed with a kiss (sticker)! Also, my cats didn't feel the need to help me open this box (unlike my June Lip Factory box, which they tore apart...)

First look - so many products! 

 Pari Beauty Eye Shadow - Full Size (2g)
I can't find where it says on the packaging the shade I received, but it's a very pretty, shimmery pink. It's made in Canada, and has a cruelty-free logo on the side of the box, so those two things make this great for me! I mentioned before I don't wear eyeshadow often, but I might actually keep this one.
Value: $11

I had no idea such a thing existed! This is a colourless wax pencil that tames crazy eye brows. I wouldn't consider my brows to be unruly, but I tried this out and it really seems to make everything stay in place very nicely! This will be kept for sure!
Value: $6
I don't think I'll ever have too many lip balms/glosses (although L might disagree...), and I love lightly tinted ones! This smells great, and is dark enough to give my lips a pop of colour without looking like I tried too hard. 
Value: $4.49
 Palladio Shadow and Liner Crayon - 1.9g (full size?)
The colour I received was Champagne, which is a shimmery white. It glides on so smoothly, and it works great on the inner corners of my eyes as a bit of a highlight (it doesn't take much of this either!). Another product I plan on keeping!
Value: $6
 Ofra Lip Liner in Glacier Pink - 0.04oz (full size?)
According to the product card included in the box/the website, this lip liner is safe for even sensitive eye areas. Can't beat having two products in one! This is actually much lighter than it appears on the website, but I like it, and I think it will work well with a few lipsticks I currently own. Another product I'm keeping!
Value: $13
Lip Factory July boxes each had two of these lip glosses! The colours I received were Ginger and Lilac, neither one of which I really love. I'm sure I can think of a few cousins/friends who will be happy to receive these though!
Value: $17/each

J. Cat Wonder Lip Paint - Full Size (10mL)
This actually isn't listed on my product card, so I'm not sure if I was supposed to receive it or not? I hope I was, because I love it! It's hot pink, and goes on just as bright as it looks. I put a bit of this on the back of my hand when I first opened this box, and you could still see it even after I showered that night. This stuff has some staying power! I actually wore this to a wedding I attended last weekend, I think it looks great with my fair skin :)
Value: $4.99

This box had eight items, with a combined value of $79.48. I paid $26US, so this box has incredible value! I'll probably end up keeping 6 of the products, and only adding the two lip glosses into my re-gifting pile, so this box was a huge win for me! If you're interested in signing up for your own Lip Factory box, check out their website HERE and enter referral number 386883! 


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