Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Goals/Bucket List

I've always been a goal-orientated person, I think it's so important in life. My goals are constantly being updated, and I try to make sure I have both long term and short term goals on the go at the same time. These goals range from financial to educational to experiences to my career. I've never actually discussed most of these goals with anyone, and I don't even have them written down anywhere, I've just been storing them in my mind...but maybe if I put them out there for the world to see, it'll make me that much more motivated to achieve them! I also have an extensive bucket list, which I'm also going to post below.

So, here it goes...

  1. I want a house. This seems like it might be silly, but I've never been the little girl who dreamt about my wedding, I was the weird 5 year old planning a library for my future house. I know exactly what I want (and what I can get in the neighbourhoods I'm interested in for the amount I'll be willing to pay).
  2. I want my only debt to be my mortgage. This is why I haven't bought a house yet, I'm paying off my car/trips/shopping/etc, and until I see zeros all across the board, I refuse to buy. I've been making great headway with this so far this year. Note - I'm not saying I'll never owe money on a car again, I just know that the one I currently drive should last at minimum another 5 years.
  3. I love hockey (my Canadian is showing with that sentence...). I would love to watch all 30 NHL teams play at least one game. I went crazy on this bucket list item this year, and am now only missing Montreal, Boston, Pittsburg, Philadelphia, Minnesota, LA and San Jose. I've seen all of the other teams at least once (and a lot of them multiple times). This seems like something I should cross off before I complete #1.
  4. I'm currently waiting for the results of my CWB Level I exams; once I pass those it's a two year wait before I'm eligible to write my Level II. I aim to have my Level II before I turn 30.
  5. Canada is a beautiful country, and I want to see all of it. Not only that, I want to go to a concert in every province (the territories might be difficult for concerts, but I want to at least visit all three of them). As it sits right now, the only two provinces left for me to attend concerts in are Quebec and Newfoundland (I've only driven through/been at the airport/train station in Quebec, so I don't even count any of those as visits).
  6. Concert/Music Festivals - I think I'll just save this one for a post all on it's own.

I'll try to keep coming back to this post and editing it as I complete items or add to my list (I know I have more, but I just can't think of them all right now...). What is on your list?


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