Saturday, 24 May 2014

Swirlio Review

Recently, my boyfriend and I have started buying the most ridiculous small kitchen appliances we can find. I was pretty excited about this one - the Big Boss Swirlio. It actually sounded like a useful one (unlike the hot dog toaster Luke bought...) This arrived yesterday...

I love Beyond the Rack! If you don't already shop from this website, use this link to check it out!

I opened up the box to find it very well packaged! Nothing was going to get broken in this box!
The cats loved these packing air thingys - Pita took a nap, using one as a pillow. Silly girl. The other things in the box are Matt & Nat iPad covers - LOVE!

The idea behind the Swirlio is quite simple - it creates frozen desserts with no added sugar or fat. You choose whatever you want to put into it, so it's can be as healthy as you want it to be (and dairy/gluten free)! It's made entirely of frozen fruit, so it's considered a great snack any time of day. It suggests freezing fruit for at least 12 hours, and using bananas to give you more of an ice cream consistency (without bananas it will supposedly become more of a sorbet).

There are 5 colours to choose from, I of course bought the Red one :) 

After freezing your fruit, take it out and let it thaw for ~5 minutes on the counter. We were impatient, and wanted to try it out last night, so we only let our bananas and strawberries freeze for 3 hours, so we didn't feel the need to let them thaw. We mixed up our sliced fruit (along with some frozen raspberries which have been in the freezer for a few months...) in a little bowl.

I forgot to take pictures of the next step, I was so excited to try it haha. All you need to do is place your fruit into the top bowl of the Swirlio (see the picture on the box above), then use the little pusher that comes with it to push it down into the chute. It looks so pretty on the box, but it's basically impossible to make it look like that...Mine turned out horribly, it was almost pure liquid (due to the fruit not being in the freezer long enough), so I put the bow into the freezer for a bit. I had a bag of frozen mangos and peaches in the freezer, so I decided to add some of those to my strawberry/raspberry/banana mush. I mixed the fully frozen fruit in with my mess from the first go-around, and on a whim decided to add a spoonful of Nutella (best decision ever!). This time, after running everything through again, it turned out much better! It was still quite runny, but I at least had actual form to it this time.

I ended up using bananas, strawberries, raspberries, mangos, peaches and Nutella, and it really tasted great! It made a huge serving of it, but I just put my leftovers in the freezer and am currently eating it (a little over 24 hours since I made it - still tastes good!). I can't wait to try different combinations of flavours in my Swirlio! Cleanup was also quite easy, the entire thing just snaps apart, and is dishwasher safe (which doesn't help us, since we don't have a dishwasher - that's what Luke is for! Haha). After using it only once, I would recommend this! 

Keep an eye on Beyond the Rack, it's the cheapest I've seen this selling for in Canada. I paid $39.99, and shipping is $6.95. If you're familiar with BTR, you'll know that they rotate through their inventory, so I'm sure the Swirlio will appear again soon. Here is a link for the website -

I forgot to take pictures cooking supper, we decided to finally use our breakfast sandwich maker. I'll try to remember next time we use it though!


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