Thursday, 22 May 2014

Baby Degus

A little over a month ago, my boyfriend and I adopted 6 new degu babies from our local Humane Society. The girl who took my payment and handed us the adoption papers told me it was her first time ever processing six animals at once, but she seemed thrilled that so many had found a new home. 
Five out of the six I adopted that day were from the same litter, and the single one was the only male from a litter of females. All six of them were the exact same age, and showed up at the shelter on the same day, so it leads me to believe someone owned a pair of females who came into contact with a male about 3 months ago, and both ended up pregnant.

The five brothers enjoying treats on the drive to their new home 

I knew I wanted to introduce the single degu (we decided to name him X - his shelter name was Xander, but that's the name of my boss' son) to the lone degu I had at home. Doug was about 14 months old, and had lost his buddies a few months back. If you've ever had degus, you know that introducing two can be quite tricky (and sometimes disastrous), so we were prepared for the worst. I separated Doug and X with another cage inside their aquarium, but it went so well I allowed them to meet the next day.

The first few minutes after meeting, and already giving kisses and happy squeals through the cage :)

The new boys were all very tame, I was able to get them young enough that they completely trust me (it took a few months of daily interaction with Doug before he allowed me to scratch behind his ears and give him belly rubs).

They were so little when we got them!

They've already grown significantly, and now I'm just waiting for their new custom designed cage to be finished! Once I have it moved into my apartment, I will post pictures!


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