Monday, 3 November 2014

October Empties

I started this last month (you can see my September empties here). I've placed a basket in our bathroom, and as we finish off products we place the empty bottles inside. 

October was a decent month for finishing things off!

You might recognize these from my Thumbs-Up Memebox. I tried one of them out one day. You're supposed to leave them on for 30 minutes, so an entire period of a hockey game worked out perfectly! My nails and fingers felt so moisturized afterwards, I really liked this! I have one more from my Memebox, which I'm saving for a cold winter day :)

Funny looking things!

Makeup Wipes will always have a place in my house! I've already opened up a new package, I can't live without these.

Olay Body Wash - this is ok, if it goes on sale super cheap I'd buy it again
Dove Shampoo - I wasn't a fan of this, it was crazy cheap (and for good reason...) 

Head & Shoulders
Herbal Essences Conditioner - meh. This is something we have lots of (thank you Shoppers Drug Mart coupons!) It's not terrible, but it's nothing spectacular either...

The old faithful of toothpaste!

L'oreal Youth Code Serum - I think I originally received this product from a subscription box quite awhile ago? I really like it - I can't actually tell you what it does, but I like the way it feels on my face. I already have another one of these open...

This post just keeps getting more and more exciting! Scope?! Haha, we have so much of this stuff stockpiled (again, thank you Shoppers Drug Mart coupons!)

I finished off my Lush New! shampoo bar this month as well. I've decided to try out a new one, and now have the Godiva shampoo bar in the shower.

Well, there are my super awesome empties for the month haha. I actually enjoy doing this, it keeps me honest with how many things I have open at once haha.


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