Sunday, 19 October 2014

Memebox Thumbs Up Box

Memebox is easily one of my favourite boxes lately! I just hate the extremely long wait time in between purchase date and shipping date :( I bought this box, the "Thumbs Up" Memebox in August, but it wasn't shipped until the end of September/beginning of October. It takes a little over a week to arrive in Canada, which really isn't terrible considering it's coming all the way from Korea. 

Cost: varies from $15-$32.99 plus $6.99 shipping per box

Promo codes: 5ERV - $5 off any order
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This was one of the best product information cards I've seen in awhile!  Every item was well described (which was great, since I had no idea what some of these things were haha) and prices were listed for everything (also great, since most - if not all - of these can not be purchased in Canada).

Kocostar Nail Therapy - The Kocostar Nail Therapy was created to provide simple solution to maintain healthy looking nails. This product took great measures to prevent the nail essence from drying off (WTF?), and we developed nail gloves to prevent any contact with surrounding air. It will allow nails to deeply absorb all the nutrients, resulting in softened cuticles and strengthened nails. 
Value: $6.80 for 2 packs ($17 for 5 packs available from Memebox)
I had to try one of these packs out, so I tore open a packet and put the funny little things on my fingertips. They recommend leaving them on for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, so  I let them sit for an entire period of an NHL game (now that we have GameCenter Live, we've been watching soooo many games, it's awesome!). Once I did take them off, my fingertips/nails felt so moisturized! I rubbed in all the extra cream into my hands, which made them a little greasy, but I would absolutely use these again! I'll save the other one for the winter when my hands are miserable from the cold, dry Edmonton air.

Miguhara BP Cream - This dual function cream serves both as a BB cream as well as a primer. It keeps skin silky and even-toned, while controlling excessive sebum through its oil-free formula.
Value: $37
Oh. My. god. This feels amazing. It has a slight colour to it which blends perfectly with my skin tone, and it goes on so smooth. It's extremely moisturizing and silky is the best way to describe how my skin feels with it on. I'm a little sad I can't buy this directly from the Memebox shop since I know it'll be making it's way into my regularly used products, but I'm sure I can find it online somewhere... unless anyone I know in Korea wants to send me some? :)

RiveCowe Sebum Control Convenient Compact - Touch up anytime with this compact, specially designed to mattify oily skin and control oil slicks throughout the day. This compact instantly mattifies with results that last for up to 8 hours, revealing a natural, flawless complexion with zero shine all day long. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and blemishes, and gives you a perfectly smooth complexion.
Value: $17 (available on the Memebox shop)
I don't think I've ever used a compact before? I don't consider my skin to be oily and I've never really noticed that I'm overly shiny during the day, so I'm not sure if I'll ever use this. I tried it out on the back of my hand , and it does seem like the colour is perfect for me though...

Herbclinic Rice Bran Powder - 100% raw rice bran powdered into a product, this Rice Bran Powder pack brings you the best of what Mother Nature has to offer! Mix 1sp of rice bran powder with 1sp of oatmeal, black bean or brown rice and an adequate amount of milk until the mixture becomes relatively thickened to create the mask pack. It will deliver intense nourishment and instant revival to your skin after a tiring day! You'll be able to feel a visible difference the next morning.
Value: $10 (available at the Memebox shop)
This was the most puzzling item in the box for me. I've never heard tell of anything like it, but it definitely has me intrigued...I really like the idea of putting all natural ingredients on my skin though. I guess I need to go buy some milk at some point to test this stuff out.

Real Beauty Serum - Made from various organic ingredients such as aloe vera, green tea, bamboo water and Bulgarian rose water, this all-natural serum will put an end to your troubles over dry, lustreless, sensitive and saggy skin. This serum is very special because it's actually made from collaboration with Real Beauty's fans, and thus it's greatly prized for containing only the most gentle and most vital nutrients beneficial to your skin!
Value: $22 (available at Memeshop)
I've already included this into my nightly routine, and I'm a fan so far. It's almost a gel-like substance that feels super moisturizing. I have dry skin to begin with, and with the dry cold of winter on it's way, this is going to be great to have.

O& Soap Berry Cleanser - A foaming cleanser with frothy, fine and creamy foam with SoapBerry known for its natural cleansing property and carbonated water to gently cleanse the impurities and makeups to reveal your natural luminosity on your skin. 
Value: $13
First of all - this packaging/font looks like it could be from the Body Shop. L is actually currently using a foaming tea tree oil cleanser from there that looks almost the exact same. Secondly - I do really enjoy foaming face cleansers. I look forward to using this, I just haven't opened it yet because I have to finish off a few things first.

HopeGirl 3D Powder Blusher in Sexy Rose - This easy to use blusher creates a subdued polish finish that creates a more 3 dimensional face shape for the look of a sharper jaw line and smaller sized face. Allantonin and vitamin E derivatives protect your skin against external irritation and keeps skin glowing and healthy.
Value: $18 (available on the Memeshop)
I love the packaging of this! It's so adorable, and easy to use! When you pull the top cap off, there's a sponge which is attached to the pot of blush pigment. You just swipe it on. So easy and cute! The top of the lid also has a mirror attached, which is always handy. I'm also a big fan of the bright pink sparkly colour and blush is one of my favourite cosmetic products (it's nice to not look transparent all the time).

The overall value of this box was $123.80, which is incredible considering I only paid $38.99 ($32 + $6.99 shipping). The compact will probably end up being the only product I don't end up using entirely, but I'm sure I can find someone who will love it. I love that I don't know any of the brands I receive in these boxes so I'm always trying something new. I have 4 more Memeboxes to arrive which I purchased in September, all of them are scheduled to ship by the end of October. I can't wait to see what other products I receive!

This box is now sold out, but Memebox is currently offering a Thumbs Up #2 box on their website (listed under Superboxes). Most things tend to sell out quickly, so if you're interested don't delay! 


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