Monday, 13 October 2014

September Empties

I saw this on a few other blogs I read (although I have no idea who came up with the idea - sorry!). I thought it was a great idea, and have decided to incorporate it into my blog each month :) I've set a basket in our bathroom and toss my empty product containers into it, and than at the end of the month (or two weeks into the month by the time I get around to posting it...) I'll take pictures and show all three readers of my blog (I'm secretly hoping it's more, but let's be real...) exactly what I've used up. Since I started doing this, it has made me so aware of how many products I actually have opened right now. 

September wasn't a very exciting month for finishing off products, but October is already looking better!

Oxy Sensitive Medicated Acne Pads - I've never really had problems with acne, even as a teenager I had great skin, but I've been using these for years. Even if I only use one of these a day, this will last me 3 months and it costs under $10. Deals!
Verdict: Will buy again

Aura Cacia - Lemon Essential Oil
Saje - Orange Essential Oil
Saje - Yoga Essential Oil Diffuser Blend
L and I have one of these in our bedroom, and fall asleep with it on every night. Every night we put 10-15 drops of an oil into our diffuser to fill the air with soothing, calming scents, so we go through a fair bit of this stuff. That being said, we hadn't bought any new ones since last Christmas (until last week when L brought home a new one). At one point our collection had 13 or 14 different scents, I believe we are down to only 3 or 4 now...
Verdict: I'll be sticking with the Saje brand, the Lemon one was cheap and took way more than usual to get a scent into the air. I would definitely buy the orange or yoga scents again!

Veet Sensitive Formula Hair Removal Cream - again, another product I've been using for years. Nothing beats burning the hair off your legs with harsh-smelling chemicals!
Verdict: Already have a new bottle open...

As I mentioned, September was really boring for empty products....


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