Monday, 14 September 2015

Memebox Thanksgiving Box - For You

I placed a huge order for Memeboxes on November 13th 2014, which ended up being the last order I ever placed with them. They no longer ship to Canada, only the US and Korea now. I am sad I can no longer open these open boxes full of packaging I can't read, but it's definitely been a savings on a bank account!

This box was the Thanksgiving Edition for You (they also offered one you were supposed to gift away, but it was sold out). Thanksgiving in Canada had already passed by a month before I even ordered this box (due to it being for the American holiday), but I still decided it would be worth it. 

Cost: $32.99, but I traded in all of the points I had and I had a promo for a percentage off the total order. This box actually cost me $24.52 (including shipping) 

I really liked the bright orange box, a change from their usual hot pink.

Inside lid of the box

They pack some of these boxes with so many things! 

These information cards are amazing! The translation doesn't always make the most sense, but it at least gives me an idea of the products I received.

Pure Smile Essence Mask Sheet
1x - Milk
1x - Strawberry Milk
I've received a bunch of different masks from Memebox, and I have used a few of them. They look super weird on, but they always leave my face feeling nice and soft! I kept these.
Value: $2/each ($4 total)

Saracen Gold glitter
This is thick, chunky glitter and not at all something I will ever use. It's meant to be put over a layer of nail polish, but isn't that why they make glitter polish? So much easier. This was passed along to a younger cousin who will use it.
Value: $6

Peripera Heart Glow Stick
This reminds me of Benefit's Watts Up stick. You just rub it on your face anywhere you need a little glow or highlight. I kept this, and have used it.
Value: $14

Vivito Illust Lumiere Primer
This is actually a really nice illuminating primer! It reminds me a bit of one of my favourite moisturizers - the Vitamin E illuminating cream from the Body Shop, but this also has a primer mixed in. I never wear foundation or concealer without applying a primer first, so this has been used.
Value: $50

Vivito Painting Sweet Lip Balm
This smells really good! I received the orange one, which is one of my favourite scents. I did keep this, but I have a million lip balms and glosses so I haven't even used this one yet... Also - I would NEVER pay over $20 for a lip balm.
Value: $24

Shara Shara Miracle Multi-Cream
This is described as a moisturizer which delivers an "instant moisture surge and glowing radiance to dry, tired face as if letting the skin take a rejuvenating winter sleep" but then it goes one to say "apply directly to face, body or hair". Why would I put moisturizer in my hair? Wouldn't that make it ridiculously greasy and like a WWE wrestler who uses a full bottle of hair gel before every match? (I just went to watch wrestling a few days ago, I couldn't stop looking at their greasy hair...)
I have kept this, but it has not been used yet. I think I might end up passing it along.
Value: $18 

Shara Shara Brush Set
Value: $24 for 5 brushes

These are decent enough brushes. I took them out of the pink carrying case they came with and stuck them with the rest of my makeup brushes - standing upright inside an Ikea vase filled with coloured sand from Ikea. For some reason, these are the only brushes I own that the sand sticks to completely, and every time I take one out to use it I get purple sand all over my bathroom counter :(

With Shyan Nail Polish
This is a very pretty colour, don't get me wrong, but I'm really trying to not use any polishes that contain Formaldehyde so I put this one into the go-away pile.
Value: $4

This Memebox contained 8 items worth $144 in total. Not bad considering I paid under $25! I also kept more than enough products to make it more than worth it.


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