Sunday, 6 September 2015

August Empties

It's been a few months since I've done this - August was actually the first month since we moved in to our new house that I insisted on tracking our empties again. I always enjoy doing this because it lets me know exactly what products are actually seeing movement in our house.

I didn't do individual photos this time like I have other months, it seemed kind of pointless.

Colgate toothpaste - this is one of the cheapest ones you can buy, but it's actually one of my favourites. It will always have a place in this house - and yes, there was a new one opened the same day this one finished.
Mandarin Blossom antibacterial hand soap - we really like Bath & Body Works soaps. There are currently 7 different options on the go in our house - two in each bathroom (an anti-bac and a foaming, and one in the kitchen). When we only had one bathroom, we finished off 1-2 of these each and every month, with 7 of them on the go at once they seem to last so much longer haha.
Ribbon Candy Anti-bacterial hand gel - I keep one of these in my desk at work at all times. That's where this one came from.
Cronies Moisture Cream - I got this in the Very Berry Memebox (which I blogged about HERE). For awhile, I had 4 or 5 moisturizers open all at once, but I'm trying to keep it to 1-2 now so I'll actually be able to make headway through my ridiculous backlog of products... This cream was good, nothing special and definitely not something I would pay $63 for. But it did its job.
Blush body wash - I wasn't a fan of this at all. I know it came in a subscription box awhile ago, but I don't remember which one now... I wasn't a fan of the smell of this, or the texture (it was super runny, almost watery) and it didn't seem to lather very well.
Lush Aqua Marina - I've been using this stuff for quite awhile now. However, I don't use it on a daily basis so I find the 100g pot to be way too much for me to try and use up before it expires (according the sticker). I still continue to use it well past it's expiration, but I really wish they would sell smaller pots of this.
Figs and Rouge Mango Mandarin Hand Cream -  This came in the October 2014 Ipsy bag I recieved (blogged about HERE). It's not a huge bottle, only 20mL and it still lasted me almost a year haha (obviously I wasn't using it everyday). It was in my desk at work, but I have 3 or 4 other hand creams in there as well. That being said, I did really enjoy this - it didn't make me feel greasy and the scent was fantastic!

So far we have nothing in our empties basket for September, but the month is still young! Check back in October to see what I was able to finish off this month! I'd love to see pictures of what products you are finishing off each month, link your blog post of your monthly empties in the comments section!


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