Saturday, 12 September 2015

Lip Monthly February 2015

Yes, I realize this is from February, which was almost 8 months ago, but I still wanted to blog it. When I was deciding which subscription services I wanted to subscribe to, I didn't look simply at the previous month they had sent out, but a few months back. I'm hoping that anyone researching subscription boxes will still be interested in reading these :)

If you have read any of my previous Lip Monthly posts you will know they had a lot of issues when they were starting out. I ended up being subscribed for 8 months, and it really wasn't all terrible. The full bag never once wowed me, but I did get some products I will continue to use!

Cost: $10/month + $6/month shipping to Canada

First of all - hooray for a much nicer bag than the hideous blue one I hated so much!

I've received a few products from this brand from a few different subscription boxes, but this is my first lip gloss from them. It's really not bad at all! The colour is pretty, it's not too sticky and it is full size. I kept this, although I would never pay full price for it.
Value: $14

This is another brand I've received from a few different subscription services. I really like lip crayons like this one, and this one goes on so smoothly and full of colour. The colour itself is a little dark, but oh so pretty!
Value: $12

Ugh. Every Lip Monthly has to have a major dud, and this is it for this month. This colour is terrible! I bought a similar colour years ago and tried to make it work - I just looked like I was deathly ill. This went into the go-away pile, I'm sure there's someone who can make a colour like this work. Also - I can't even find this colour on the website anymore, but I'm not worried that Lip Monthly sent out a discontinued item as I am almost 8 months delayed in writing this review. It's EXTREMELY possible that Cargo Cosmetics discontinued it this summer.
Value: $16

Jelly Pong Pong Supermodel Stain
This company is a sister company to So Susan, and I've been pleased with pretty much everything I've tried from either of them. This is a neat product, it has four different colours which can used on either your lips or cheeks. It's a very creamy formula! I haven't used this very often, but I did keep it.
Value: $15.95

So there you have it. The February 2015 Lip Monthly contained 4 items worth $57.95. Not bad considering I paid between $17-$18 with the exchange rate, and I kept 3 of the products.


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