Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Memebox Yogurt Cosmetics Box

I might have a slight addiction to Memeboxes (although I get so impatient waiting for them to arrive...). I purchased this one on September 25th as a pack with the Cutie Pie Marzia 2 box (buying together gets you a free upgrade to express shipping). They both shipped out from Korea on October 23rd, and took about a week to reach me in Canada.

Cost: Varies with box, this one was $26.50 with shipping

I love the Memebox product cards, without them I wouldn't even know what half of the stuff was! This box included six items, all full size.

Holika Holika I Want Chu Lip Balm 
Value: $11
This reminds me of the KISSTIXX Lip Balm I received in the FabFitFun summer box. Each pack comes with two tubes of lip balm (in this case - one strawberry, one yogurt). The idea is that you keep one to use and give the other one to your significant other to use. When you kiss, the flavours will combine and add a little extra something to your smooch. I like strawberry smoothies, so I am sure this will eventually be used.

Purederm Skin Softening Yogurt Mask in Strawberry
Value: $12
This is a creamy-style, wash-off face mask. The bottle is huge, it's going to last for quite awhile. I've tried this out already once, and it was really nice! It clearly has real strawberries in it, and the seeds exfoliate your face as you rub it in. After rinsing it off, my skin felt really soft, I will be using this again! 

Happy Bath Facial Yogurt Cleansing Foam
Value: $6
I have so many face cleansers now (and more than a few opened already) so I haven't even tried this one yet.

Pure Smile Yogurt Mask
Value: $5
These masks are crazy! They have little cut-outs for your eyes, nose and mouth, and you let them sit on your face for 15-20 minutes, then remove and pat in the excess lotion. I've already used one of these, and it left my faces so moisturized, I'm a fan (although my cats would disagree, I think I scared them when I was wearing it...)

Rappol Calming Cream
Value: $59
This is expensive moisturizer! I use some form of moisturizer every single day, so this will eventually be used up.

ettang Modelling Take-Out Cup Yogurt Pack
Value: $3
This stuff is weird. It's a powder that you mix with water than spread over your face. After letting it sit for 15-20 minutes it will peel right off and leave your face moisturized and more firm. 

The total value of this Memebox was $96, which is well above the price I paid. I've now received seven Memeboxes, and every single one of them have been fantastic! I've already ordered more (I might have an addiction...) and I can't wait to see what other Korean beauty products I receive! 


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