Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Memebox Blackout Box

I placed a huge order on the Memebox website on November 13th, which ended up being my last order ever with them. Shortly after that, they announced that they would no longer be shipping internationally, only to Korea and the US. Sad for me, happy for my bank account!

This is the blackout box - which I have absolutely no idea why I purchased it. I have never had an issue with blackheads or bad skin, but I sometimes just couldn't help myself when I went on the Memebox website...

Since I actually received this box in December 2014, almost 8 months ago, I no longer have the product card, so I had to google search images to find a clear picture to remind myself of what these products are...

Value: $25.99 (but I used all of my points plus had a promo code for placing an order over $200, so I actually only paid $18.70 for this box - and my total order ended up being MUCH less than $200)

Memebox has the best information cards! Too bad I threw most of them away when we moved....

Hair Color Keeper
This is a shampoo designed for colour-treated hair, which mine is not right now. I haven't dyed my hair in well over a year, so this isn't much use to me. It is made with sunflower seed extracts, argan oil and babassu seed oil to keep your hair silky and moisturized.
Size: 300mL (full size)
Value: $42

Honest Clinic - Black Hole Spot
This is a nighttime acne spot treatment. The directions sound a little scary to me - if you get any of this gel on a non-problematic spot it can cause reddening. How freaking strong is this stuff? I actually found this the other day while I was unpacking a box (yes, after 5 months in the new house we haven't even come close to being unpacked yet...) - maybe I'll make L try it sometime, he occasionally gets breakouts?
Value: $26

B&Soap Black Block
That thing on the right is a giant block of charcoal, rosemary and olive oil soap. I've always known that charcoal is actually very effective in removing impurities from the skin - but again, not an issue I've ever had. Also - the instructions on the product card for this say to create a lather in your hands and then rub the foam on your face. Even using this every single day, this brick of soap would last FOREVER! I'm sure I must know someone who would appreciate something like this?
Value: $24

TosoWoong Blackhead Nose Pack
These are basically just Korean versions of Biore nose strips.
Value: $6 for a box of 8

This Memebox had a total of 4 items, with a combined value of $98 - but I feel that price is quite overinflated - who pays $42 for a bottle of shampoo? I might as well have just tossed the money I spent on this box into the trash, I won't (and haven't) used a single item. Oh well, live and learn.


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