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Lip Factory November/December 2014

After a few month hiatus from blogging, I'm back! We'll see how regularly I can get back to posting again...

I haven't taken any pictures of subscription boxes I've received in the past few months, but I did have a bunch of posts from boxes I received in 2014 in draft stages with pictures already uploaded - I will try and get a few more of those posted - if you're interested in a box it's not a bad idea to see what they've sent in the past!

The November and December Lip Factory boxes shipped together, and since I'm not the best at signing online to subscription box websites I had no idea why. Turns out this ended up being the last box they ever shipped (I cancelled shortly after this when I started my big purge of all subscriptions so I wasn't expecting a January box to arrive). This was, in my opinion, one of the better ones out there, I was always impressed by the high dollar value of the products that showed up in Lip Factory.

Cost: $26/month US
This box was PACKED due to them combining two months into one.

I received the Sugar Plum version of this in the July Lip Factory and I was a fan. This colour is even better than that one, and it has been used many, many times in the months after receiving this box (although I believe it has since been lost?)
Value: $4.49

Very pretty, very pale pink. I had a hard time finding their website, the only site I could find that sold it had prices listed in Euros.
Value: $20.88 (14.50Euro)

Supercute Lip Gloss
I can't find any information for this company online (you try doing a google search for "Supercute Lipgloss" - it just brings up a bunch of cute packaging for different brands). I don't love this type of lip gloss, so I passed it on to someone else.
Value: $3? $5? I wouldn't personally pay any more than that...

Color Club nail polish
This colour is gross. It went straight into the gift pile, and ended up travelling to the Dominican where I gave it away. 
Value: $8.50

I have no idea what they add, but any Bellapierre lipstick I have received from a subscription box has a very sweet smell to it (not waxy or gross like other lipsticks). This isn't my favourite colour I own by this brand, but it's definitely the most daytime friendly colour I own by them.
Value: $19.99

Another J-Cat beauty product I'm a big fan of! This isn't quite a full coverage lipstick, but it does have a lot of colour for a balm. I like these twist-up crayon type things, and this one goes on very smoothly.
Value: $4.99

I love the packaging of the products Teeez makes. I was aware of this company before receiving this (I believe Topbox has sent out nail polishes before?), but I did not keep this.
Value: $26.35 ($20USD)

Love these! The colour of Rose is a very bright pink which works really well on my skin tone. Sweet is a colour most people would be able to pull off daily, it's a much lighter pink. These glide on so smoothly, and the colour stays vibrant for hours! I would never pay the website asking price of $25/each, but I ever saw these on sale for $10, I wouldn't hesitate in snapping up a few of the other colours!
Value: $25/each = $50

I really like any of the products I've tried from this company, but I just don't wear eyeshadow enough to justify keeping this one. It has already been passed along to someone who will get more use out of it than me. Also - who pays that much money for a single thing of eye shadow!?
Value: $14

Makeup remover towel
I need to find this, I know I packed it before the move. It would have been perfect to take on one of our trips this year! I use the disposable makeup remover wipes almost daily, it'd be nice to start using a more sustainable option. I would love to pick up more of these, but I can't seem to find them online :(
Value: $3?

The November-December combined box had 11 items with a combined total value of $157.20 (don't forget I totally guessed on the price for 2 of the items!). This was incredible value, considering I paid $52USD (or about $60 based on exchange rates last November/December when I paid for it). It's been about 8 months since I received this box, and only 3 of the items were not kept for myself.



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