Thursday, 19 March 2015

Home Tour Part 1 - Main Floor Half Bathroom

It's been a little more than two weeks since we took possession of our house, and it is still a huge mess of unpacking/organizing. Our living room furniture was just delivered Friday, a bathroom mirror had to be replaced, the painters had to come do a few touchups, etc - so it's been hard to even start setting things up. There was one room I could start with though - our main floor half bath! I know, it's not exactly the most exciting of rooms, but it was fully finished (we bought a spec home, so everything in it is brand new.

Standing by our back door looking into the bathroom.

I drew my inspiration for this room from this little toothbrush-holder guy. I purchased him last year at Simon's, and we had him in our bathroom at our old apartment (I also have the matching shower curtain, which is now in storage).

We decided the half bath was a good spot to place one of the litter boxes, since we can close the door and turn on the ventilation fan after our male cat uses it (he stinks!). It's tucked nicely out of the way in here. 
After deciding to centre the room around the owl, I knew I needed lots of blues and greens. I think I have a green hand-towel somewhere, but we haven't unpacked all of our towels yet so I just purchased this inexpensive one at Ikea. 

Close up of the shelf above the toilet. We already had this shelf from the apartment - we bought it last fall from Walmart for under $40. Eventually I'd love to have something a little fancier and also add a tall cabinet with closing doors (like this one from Ikea).

Total cost to decorate the half bath:

Owl Toothbrush holder: $6 from Simon's 
Over the toilet shelf: $34.98 from Walmart
Basket: $6.99 from Ikea
Blue towel: $2.99 (currently on sale - regular $7.99) from Ikea
Large jar: $3.49 from Ikea
Small jar: $2.49 from Ikea
Blue tea light candles: $3.49 for a pack of 30 from Ikea
Green tea light candles: $3.49 for a pack of 30 from Ikea 
Blue facecloths: $2.49 for a pack of 4 (currently sold out of this colour) from Ikea
Green facecloths: $2.49 for a pack of 4(currently sold out of this colour) from Ikea
Green hand towel: $3.99 from Ikea
Oilers garbage can - $3 from Dollarama

Total: $75.89 (plus the cost of the Panda cream - I didn't include it because I received it in a subscription box). Most of this were all things I owned before buying the house - only the hand towel, blue towel, basket, small jar and candles were new. I wish I could decorate every room in my house for under $100...


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