Thursday, 12 May 2016

WDW - January 2016 - Day Two Part Two

Day Two - Wednesday, January 6, 2016 - Part Two

After dropping off our goodies from the race Expo, it was time to head to our first park of the trip! We headed out to the front of our hotel and had to wait..... one minute until the bus was pulling up. We were killing it at Disney transportation so far!

After a bus ride which took around 25 minutes, we were pulling up to Magic Kingdom! We had picked this to be our park of the day based on our supper reservation, and it just seemed like the perfect one to start with! And the Christmas decorations were still up, which I didn't think they would be so I was excited about that!

As soon as I entered the park, I stopped to get a birthday pin (my birthday was the following Wednesday, so I figured it was ok to wear one since it was within a week). As soon as we got to Main Street the Move It! Shake It! Dance & Play It! Parade was starting, so of course we stopped to watch our first WDW parade.

While watching the parade I actually got a little choked up, after months of planning and reading other trip reports, I was finally standing in Magic Kingdom! The parade itself was nothing special, but it was cute and had some great characters. After the parade, we walked down Main Street (where I was again a little choked up at the sight of Cinderella's castle - it's so big and beautiful!). We didn't really have a ton of time to admire it though, we had to get to our first Fastpass selection of our trip! FP+ #1 - Splash Mountain! Once we hopped into the fastpass line, it took about 5 minutes before we were boarding our log. I also prefer the logs here compared to Disneyland - sitting side by side is so much better! It's so easy to plan ahead for a funny photo on this ride, so here's our first ride photo of the trip:

By the time we finished our visit with Briar Rabbit and Briar Bear, it was after 1pm and I hadn't ate much since breakfast, but we were both getting hungry. We knew we wanted a quick service option, since all of our table service credits on our dining plan were spoken for with reservations, so we decided on Peco's Bills! We figured we'd be fine splitting an entree, since we did have a supper reservation for later and we knew we'd have a fairly large meal there. We chose the steak fajita platter with a coke and churros with chocolate sauce as the dessert included with a quick service credit. If we had paid out of pocket, it would have cost us $24.69, but we used one quick service credit. After loading up at the fixin's bar, we headed out and found ourselves a table.

It ended up being more than enough food for us to share and hold us over until supper. While we were eating, I noticed a crane walking around. I'm actually terrified of birds, and this guy walked right up to us with no shame, and stole a mouthful of steak off our tray before we even realized what had happened. I had my phone out just to take a picture of him, he was a couple feet away from us when I started raising my phone up for a picture - this guy was fast!

A cast member actually saw the entire thing and came over to ask if we wanted anything else (since we weren't offering food to him, he just took it upon himself to steal it). We were fine, but it was so nice that they offered! I guess it's a fairly common occurrence there, the CM started telling us stories about other people having food stolen and some of them were pretty funny stories!

We finished up and went to the Christmas store in Magic Kingdom. I've been trying to buy a new ornament on every trip we go on, so eventually I can decorate an entire Christmas tree just with ornaments that remind us of trips we've taken together. I decided on this one, I knew I wanted something that had the year on it, and also said Walt Disney World (which this one has on the side).

I was scared of breaking it if I had to carry it around with me all day, so I had it shipped to our hotel for pickup the next day - I love this feature of staying on site!

I'm going to stop here before this gets too long!


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