Sunday, 15 November 2015

October Empties

I had originally planned to be all over this and have this posted on November 1st, but of course my camera died, and I had no idea where my charger was. I finally found it, and although it's a bit late, here are my October empties!

It was actually a decent month for finishing things off - yay for us!

We wash our hands! We pretty much only use Bath & Body Works hand soaps - you can always get them on sale for a decent price, and they have delightful scents. Yes, I just said delightful. We also have seven different kinds on the go in our house at any given moment (3 bathrooms, 2 kinds in each plus one in the kitchen) - we finish off one each month on average.

The Body Shop Hemp Face Protector
This isn't my favourite, and I tend to love Body Shop moisturizers. Luke actually ended up being the one who used most of this up - he also didn't love it, but neither one of us hated it either. I have a hard time going a day without moisturizer of some sort in this dry Alberta weather.

Gillette Shave Cream
Fairly generic. I've never tried this, but there's usually a bottle of it kicking around somewhere. 

Crest 3D White
It's always good to clean your teeth! This stuff was one of my favourites for awhile. I still like it, but I'm so partial to the classic Colgate.

Bread & Butter Face Shave
I guess Luke finished off two things of shaving cream this month. This one he claims is one of his favourites ever - thank you Men's Holiday Topboxes from the past few years!

Random hotel samples
We always bring these things home from every hotel stay, but there's soooo many of them in our house now. I've started trying to actually use some of these - in October we managed to finish off a body wash, a shampoo and a conditioner.

Foil samples - 
Jergens Ultra Care Body Moisturizer - We received a handful of these when we went to see Stars on Ice back in May. I had this one in my desk at work and used it solely as hand cream. It's fine, no complaints. It has no fancy smell or anything, but it helped my hands.
Clarins - Multi-Active Night Cream - I was a big fan of this! The sample contained enough to last about 4 nights, it was a really nice cream! If I ever run out of moisturizers (which is highly unlikely...) this would be one of my first picks for a night cream.

Perfume samples 
I might have a slight addiction to perfume...I love the packs Shopper's sells for $80 (used to be $75) that contain 10 of these minis (usually about 3-4mL) along with a certificate for a full sized version of one of them. I love being able to wear a perfume before committing to spending $80 on one, so I will continue to buy these. 
Givenchy - Hot Couture - I've traded in the certificate from the third set I bought for the full sized version of this one. I love it so much.
Diesel Loverdose - This was the one I traded in my 2nd certificate for. 
Ralph Lauren #2 - The full sized version of this was only $69 (and I had paid $75 for the box) so I decided it wasn't worth using my certificate on (plus I tend to love multiple samples from each box) so I traded in some Shopper's points to get the full sized version of this one. This is up there as one of my top three favourite scents of all time.

Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara
I received this in the mascara sampler box from Shoppers that they released last year. I'm very particular about mascara - when I receive a new one I will not even twist off the cap until I'm about to start using it. I only keep them in rotation for a max of 6 months, and then they go into here, whether they are fully used up or not.
I really liked this one. I will never use another cheap, generic drug store brand mascara again, they just don't compare! I wouldn't say this is my favourite one ever, but it would definitely be one I'd consider paying full price for. 

There you have it - October's exciting empties! Our November box is filling up quite nicely :)


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